Some of MarCon's translation and interpretation clients are the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services; Hall, Sarpy and Douglas County Courts; the Department of Homeland Security; Omaha and Papillion Police Departments and Omaha Public Schools, as well as various attorneys, benevolent interests, physicians and private clients. She translates and writes weekly lessons for SCOLA, an educational non-profit organization in Omaha NE.

from RM, SCOLA 

"Marsha Conroy has been doing translation work in French for SCOLA for several years as an independent contractor. She works on our Insta-class project, which consists of a transcript and translation... of native language material from multiple French speaking countries, as well as quiz questions and vocabulary words based on the content of the material... She also works on a wordlist project for us, concentrating on French from Côte d'Ivoire... She is always very timely and conscientious in her work. I highly recommend her." 

from CF, Mental Health Counselor

"I found Marsha to be very helpful and thorough in my sessions with a French speaking client. Our therapy sessions were much more productive once the client and I were able to understand what the other was saying... Marsha took great care to be certain that she understood what each of us wanted to say to the other."